John Martyn At The BBC (2006)

Released on 29th August 2006. This DVD is simply a must have for all John fans. Fantastic material spanning the 1970s and 80s from the BBC archive including full length concerts and Old Grey Whistle Test performances.

The Old Grey Whistle Test, Collegiate Theatre, UCL, January 10th 1978

  1.     May You Never
  2.     Small Hours
  3.     Certain Surprise
  4.     Couldn’t Love You More
  5.     Big Muff

John Martyn At The BBCRock Goes To College, Reading University, October 20th 1978

  1.     May You Never
  2.     One World
  3.     One Day Without You
  4.     The Dealer
  5.     Certain Surprise
  6.     Big Muff
  7.     Anna

Rock Goes To College, Stirling University, March 2nd 1981

  1.     Big Muff
  2.     Some People Are Crazy
  3.     Grace and Danger
  4.     Save Some (For Me)
  5.     Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhail
  6.     Couldn’t Love You More
  7.     Amsterdam
  8.     Johnny Too Bad

Bonus Footage, from The Old Grey Whistle Test;March 13th 1973

  1.     May You Never
  2.     I’d Rather Be The Devil

January 17th 1975

  1.     One Day Without You
  2.     You Can Discover.

March 1st 1977

  1.     Couldn’t Love You More
  2.     One World

October 15th 1982

  1.     Hiss On The Tape
  2.     Hung Up
  3.     Gun Money