Suffolk & Good Festival

John arrives late. Gets on stage and proceeds to play for a considerable length of time that obviously exceeds what is expected by the organisers. The Stage Manager comes to the front of the stage to indicate such, so John plays 3 more songs (from the more lengthy canon of his back catalogue) to display his displeasure. Certainly preferable to The Strawbs who followed!  

In 1998 John arrived on time. Plays a blindingly good set egged on by a small but exuberant festival type crowd. My girlfriend starts to feel ‘hot’ and ‘faint’. I ignored this as general ‘atmosphere’. Crowds ‘ninepins’ during ‘Rock Salt & Nails’ as girlfriend succumbs to ‘excitement’.   I told JM after the gig that he had been so good that night that he caused my girlfriend to faint during ‘Rock Salt & Nails’ but I doubt he believed me!

Paul and Nic