1 November 1971Status Quo v John!Mikael Wiik
1 October 1973Make No MistakeBob Jacobs
1 January 1975We Can’t Follow That!Anonymous
1 January 1975Strange SubstancesNormski
19 February 1977Screwdriver PleaseDavid Lally
6 November 1977Hull 1970sJill Thornton
6 November 1977Plectrum PleaseSteve Langridge
23 November 1977It’s a Gauloise!Robert
22 November 1978Are You A Christian?Ian Barnett
1 June 1985A T-shirt, a Joint, And Much EmbarassmentLaurence Campling
1 January 1986Totally MadDean
25 February 1986Motorcycles And kebabsSteve Burns
13 September 1987Delayed in Sicilly!Mike V
30 September 1987A JM Experience!Tony Walker
11 June 1990Abdul el Martyn!Paul Balm
7 October 1991One Dark NightAlly Brown
28 August 1993Suffolk & Good FestivalPaul And Nic
2 April 1998May You NeverIan Barnett
1 August 1999Martynized In Gotham; Johnkies Are UsGlenn Frantz
1 January 2000MillenniumAlec Jamieson
1 November 2000Martynized In Gotham; Unexpurgated Ramblings..Glenn Frantz
1 January 2001SAS Survival Technique?Martin
1 January 2003The Only John Martyn Fan In IndianapolisPete Grant
1 December 2014Solid Air MaltNigel Rutherford
1 April 2017Trying To Send Me Around The TwistPhil Hare