In Search Of Anna / Certain Surprise (Australia)(1979)

In Search Of Anna Single(Island K7450, released April 1979). In Search Of Anna / Certain Surprise was released in Australia only.

The theme tune to the Australian film In Search Of Anna released in 1978 and directed by Esben Storm. The song was recorded on 29th July 1978 at United Sound Studios, Sydney, Australia with final mix and production in March 1979. The B side is a live recording of Certain Surprise recorded in Sydney during a tour in 1977.

A live version (albeit very different from this single) has been released on Live At The Bottom Line, New York 1983 (Collectors Series Volume3 by Voiceprint in 2001) and a studio recorded version was released on Ain’t No Saint (2008) further details here. A very rare single, if you ever see one buy it!