Solid Air (Half-speed Master) (Test Pressing) (2016)

SA Half Speed Test PressingA very rare advance test pressing of the Abbey Road Studios half-speed mastered release of Solid Air on high quality vinyl.

This test pressing was one of only 5 produced in late March 2016. Further details of the Half-speed mastered vinyl release are here.

The test pressing is in a plain white sleeve with white centre label. Mould numbers are BF12239-01 A1 and BF12239-01 B1.

There are dedications etched in the run out areas on both sides of the record. A dedication from John Hillarby to John “From One To Another…”  (Side A) “Love… Nuff Said” (Side B).

Engineer Miles Showell also etched “Miles. Abbey Road ½ Speed” in the run out area on both sides of the record and on Side B a dedication to his friend Gary Pollitt “For Gaz.”