The Island Years Sampler

The Island Years SamplerAdvance promotional sampler of 6 songs from The Island Years 18 disc box set. Printed white faced disc in record company paper sleeve placed in a plastic wallet. Approximately 50 of these sampler CD were produced for review purposes to music journalists.


1. Solid Air (Taken from Disc 6: Solid Air, 1973)
2. Big Muff (Taken from Disc 11: One World, 1977)
3. Live On Love (Taken from Disc 17: The Apprentice Original Mix, 1987)
4. Solid Air (Taken from Disc 8: Live At Leeds, 1975)
5. Over The Hill (Taken from Disc 6: Solid Air, 1973)
6. Make No Mistake BBC Session (Taken from Disc 7: Inside Out, 1973)