Cover ArtTitleYear
Go Out And Get It  Promo 7 inchGo Out And Get It / Can’t Get The One I Want1970
Primrose Hill Promo 7 inchPrimrose Hill (Mono) / Primrose Hill (Stereo)1971
Non-Dairy-CreamerNon Dairy Creamer1971
Sunday's ChildSunday’s Child1975
Summer ’751975
John Stevens Away – Anni Part 1 and Part 21976
Noise Box Special1977
Over The Hill / Head And Heart DJ Copy1977
Dancing / Dealer (Version) DJ Copy1978
Johnny Too Bad (Test Pressing)1980
Music For Ears1980
Please Fall Acetate SinglePlease Fall In Love With Me / Don’t You Go (Acetate)1981
Couldn’t Love You More (Stereo) / Couldn’t Love You More (Mono)(USA)1981
Couldn’t Love You More (Stereo) / Couldn’t Love You More (Mono)(Canada)1981
Gun Money (Remix)1982
Over The Rainbow / Rope Soul’d (Test Pressing)1984
Piece By Piece Boxed Set1986
John Wayne / Nightline (Canada)1986
Tight Connection Test PressingTight Connection To My Heart (Italy) (Test Pressing)1986
Tight Connection To My Heart (Italy)1986
Lonely Love / Sweet Little Mystery (Australia)1986
Lonely Love / May You Never (Italy)1986
Lonely Love1986
Lonely Love / Lonely Love (USA)1986
Island Life Media Sampler (MP1)1986
Island Life Media Sampler (MP2)1986
Send Me One Line / Patterns In The Rain (Test Pressing)1990
No Little Boy PromoNo Little Boy Sampler1993
Sunshine’s Better (Radio Edit)1996
Sunshine's Better (Sunshine Mix) / Sunshine's Better (Original Mix)1996
Sunshine’s Better1997
Sunshine’s Better (Talvin Singh Remix) Acetate1997
Sunshine's Better / Cafe Del Mar1997
Sunshine’s Better (Talvin Singh Remix)1998
Church PromoThe Church With One Bell1998
The Church With One Bell Sampler1998
Serendipity; An Introduction To John Martyn Serendipity; An Introduction To John Martyn1998
Glasgow Walker1999
Glasgow Walker2000
So Sweet / So Sweet / Cry Me A River2000
You Don't Know PromoYou Don’t Know What Love Is2000
Independiente Promo2000
Glasgow Walker2000
So Sweet / Cry Me A River2000
Can’t Live Without2000
So Sweet2000
Deliver Me (Radio Edit)Deliver Me (Radio Edit)2001
On The Cobbles SamplerOn The Cobbles Sampler2003
Rare And Collectable2004
On The Cobbles2004
On The Cobbles2004
Late Night PromoLate Night John2004
One World Deluxe PromoOne World (Deluxe Edition)2004
London Conversation (Remastered And Expanded)2005
Tumbler PromoThe Tumbler (Remastered)2005
Stormbringer! (Remastered And Expanded)2005
Stormbringer! (Remastered And Expanded) PromoStormbringer! (Remastered And Expanded)2005
The Road To Ruin (Remastered And Expanded) PromoThe Road To Ruin (Remastered And Expanded)2005
The Road To Ruin (Remastered And Expanded)2005
Bless The Weather (Remastered And Expanded)2005
Bless The Weather PromoBless The Weather (Remastered And Expanded)2005
Inside Out (Remastered And Expanded)2005
Sunday's Child  (Remastered And Expanded) PromoSunday’s Child (Remastered And Expanded)2005
In Session2006
BBC Live In Concert2007
Grace And Danger (Deluxe Edition)2007
Back Street Crawler PromoPaul Kossoff – Back Street Crawler2008
Ain’t No Saint2008
May You Never – The Very Best Of John Martyn2009
Solid Air (Deluxe Edition)Solid Air (Deluxe Edition)2009
Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)2010
Heaven And Earth2011
Tearing And Breaking2011
Johnny Boy Would Love This2011
Johnny Boy Would Love This2011
The Island Years2013
The Island Years Sampler2013
Live at The Hanging Lamp (Test Pressing)2013
May You Never / May You Never (Test Pressing)2014
London Conversation2014
London Conversation (Test Pressing)2014
The Best Of The Island Years2014
Piece By Piece 2014 Disc One Test PressingPiece By Piece (Double LP) (Test Pressing) 2015
Sapphire 2014 Disc One Test PressingSapphire (Double LP) (Test Pressing) 2015
Piece By Piece (Remastered And Expanded)2015
Sapphire (Remastered And Expanded)2015
Cocain RSD Test PressingCocain / London Conversation (Test Pressing)2015
SA Half Speed Test Pressing Solid Air (Half-speed Master) (Test Pressing)2016
Stormbringer! (Test Pressing)2018
The Road To Ruin (Test Pressing)2018