Songs Of Yesterday (2000)

The Songs Of Yesterday Free boxed set was released on 15th May 2000 and features, for the first time, the complete Time Spent jam of John and Paul Kossoff playing together in the studio sessions that took place to record a single version of May You Never on 19th November 1971 at Island Records Basing Street Studios in London (Track 12 on CD5). A tremendous boxed set of 5CDs with rare Free material.

Songs Of YesterdayCD 1

1.    Over The Green Hills (new mix)
2.    Walk In My Shadow (alternate old mix)
3.    Wild Indian Woman (new mix)
4.    Guy Stevens’ Blues (unreleased)
5.    Visions Of Hell (unreleased)
6.    I’m A Mover (alternate mix)
7.    Moonshine (alternate mix)
8.    Woman By The Sea (unreleasedl)
9.    Free Me (alternate version)
10.    Long Tall Sally (unreleased)
11.    Broad Daylight (alternate mix)
12.    The Worm (B-side)
13.    Trouble On Double Time (alternate version)
14.    Spring Dawn (unreleased)
15.    I’ll Be Creepin’ (alternate version)
16.    Sugar For Mr. Morrison (B-side)
17.    Songs Of Yesterday (new mix)
18.    Woman (alternate version)
19.    Mourning Sad Morning (new mix)
20.    Fire And Water (alternate mix)

CD 2

1.    All Right Now (alternate version)
2.    Oh I Wept (alternate mix)
3.    Remember (new mix)
4.    Don’t Say You Love Me (new mix)
5.    The Stealer (full version)
6.    The Highway Song (alternate mix)
7.    On My Way (alternate mix)
8.    Sunny Day (new mix)
9.    Ride On Pony (alternate mix)
10.    Love You So (alternate mix)
11.    Soon I Will Be Gone (alternate version)
12.    My Brother Jake (new mix)
13.    Makin’ Love Only My Soul (unreleased)
14.    Rain (unreleased)
15.    Get Where I Belong (alternate version)
16.    Only My Soul (B-side)
17.    Travelling Man (alternate mix)
18.    Molten Gold (alternate mix)

CD 3

1.    Little Bit Of Love (alternate mix)
2.    Soldier Boy (alternate mix)
3.    Sail On (alternate version)
4.    Guardian Of The Universe (demo)
5.    Child (alternate mix)
6.    Honky Tonk Women (rehearsal)
7.    Lady (rehearsal)
8.    Muddy Water (demo)
9.    Heartbreaker (live)
10.    Wishing Well (alternate mix)
11.    Let Me Show You (full version)
12.    Let Me Show You (B-side)
13.    Muddy Water (alternate mix)
14.    Common Mortal Man (alternate mix)
15.    Heartbreaker (alternate mix)
16.    Seven Angels (alternate mix)

CD 4 Live
(From the 1970 Croydon and Sunderland concerts from which Free Live was taken)

1.    Ride On Pony
2.    The Stealer
3.    Be My Friend
4.    Fire And Water
5.    Don’t Say You Love Me
6.    Mr. Big
7.    I’ll Be Creepin
8.    Free Me
9.    Woman
10.    I’m A Mover
11.    Walk In My Shadow
12.    Songs Of Yesterday
13.    All Right Now
14.    Crossroads

CD 5

1.    I Just Want To See You Smile
2.    Zero BC
3.    Like Water
4.    Ol’ Jelly Roll
5.    Follow Me
6.    Fool’s Life
7.    I’m On The Run
8.    Sammy’s Alright
9.    Hold On
10.    Tuesday Williamsburg
11.    Unseen Love
12.    Time Spent (Time Away) (John Martyn And Paul Kossoff)