Over The Rainbow: The Last Concert, Live! (1975)

Over The Rainbow: The Last Concert was released in April 1975 by Chrysalis Records. Recorded live on the Virgin Mobile at the Rainbow Theatre, London on Sunday 16th March 1975, You Can Discover is performed by John accompanied by Danny Thompson on bass and John Stevens on drums. The track is incoreectly listed as Discover The Lover.

Over The Rainbow Concert LP1.    Wheelin’ ‘N’ Dealin’  – Sassafras
2.    Grand Hotel – Procol Harum
3.    Brickyard Blues – Procol Harum With Frankie Miller
4.    I Am The Walrus – Sassafras
5.    Hokey Pokey – Richard & Linda Thompson
6.    Halfway Between Heaven And Earth – Hatfield And The North
7.    Discover The Lover – John Martyn (You Can Discover)
8.    Saviour – Kevin Coyne