Lost And Rare (2004)

Very obscure and rare recordings from the US band Huffamoose. Released 29th April 2004 by download only. The band toured with John in 1993 and invited him to record one of his own songs, Man In The Station with them! John takes lead vocal introducing the song by saying, “This is a song which the poor devils have mistakenly learned,  I can only thell them it will wear off, you know!”

Lost And Rare1.    James
2.    Join The Boys
3.    Biggest Fan (live)
4.    Everybody Else (live)
5.    I Wanna Buy You A Ring
6.    I Can’t Turn Around
7.    Delusion
8.    Yes Man
9.    Everybody Else
10.    Caroline (live)
11.    Man In The Station (live) (J. Martyn)
12.    One Key Life (live)
13.    Days Of Wine And Roses
14.    Everybody Else (James Brown Mix)