Harmony Of The Spheres (1979)

Neil Ardley’s landmark album Harmony Of The Spheres was released around January 1979.

Ardley was an incredibly gifted mathematician, musician and author. The album is comprised of instrumental pieces composed to reflect the orbit times of the nine planets in our solar system into musical notes, the theory being that the distances can be related to a particular musical note. The album was recorded at Morgan Studios, London, from July to September 1978 and John plays rhythm and lead guitar.

John subsequently appeared in an ITV South Bank Special that was broadcast in 1979 and provided a brief, but nonethless fascinating, insight into Ardley’s life and his inspiration for the album. Ardley is seen at his home in Derbyshire enjoying the countryside and then talking about his career and the writing of this album. There are live versions of three of the songs taken from the album punctuated by further interviews. In total the programme is 27 minutes long and was directed by Peter Walker.

Harmony Of The Spheres1. Upstarts All
2. Leap in the Dark
3. Glittering Circles
4. Fair Mirage
5. Soft Stillness and the Night
6. Headstrong, Headlong
7. Towards Tranquilty