A Tribute To Frankie Miller (2003)

A Tribute To Frankie Miller was released on 7th April 2003 and included a multitude of well known artists recording their own versions of Miller songs. 3 CDs in total with 51 tracks! John performs Baby Come Home that subsequently appeared on his album On The Cobbles in 2004.

Frankie Miller TributeCD1

1. Bridgeton
2. Caledonia
3. After All I Live My Life
4. Lonely Cafe
5. Good Time Love
6. Let the Candlelight Shine
7. Candlelight Sonata in F Major
8. Angels with Dirty Faces
9. Doodle Song
10. Devil’s Gun
11. Danger, Danger
12. Ain’t Got No Money
13. I Can’t Change It
14. Gladly Go Blind
15. Nothing But the Wind
16. Jealousy
17. The Rock
18. There Will Always Be a New Tomorrow


1. When I’m Away from You
2. It’s as Good as Gone
3. Baby Come Home – John Martyn
4. Dancing in the Rain
5. After All I Live My Life
6. Standing at Your Window
7. Where Do the Guilty Go
8. Tears
9. Falling in Love with You
10. To Dream the Dream
11. You’re the Star
12. Baton Rouge
13. Beautiful Woman
14. BMX Bandits
15. In My Own Crazy Way
16. I Know Why the Sun Don’t Shine
17. True Love
18. Drunken Nights in the City


1. Free and Safe on the Road
2. All My Love
3. Trouble
4. Money Talks
5. I’ll Never Be That Young Again
6. Ghost
7. Danger, Danger
8. Stubled into Heaven
9. As Good as Gone
10. You’re the Star
11. Gladly Go Blind
12. The Heartbreak
13. Where Do You Go
14. One More Heartbreak
15. Down at the Honky Tonk