John Martyn, Rory And Bruce

John Martyn (1948–2009).

Maybe John will find some peace now.

John Martyn played a set at a rather bizarre concert in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, for famine relief. I saw him in a nearby pub beforehand and he was, as they say, “steamin'”. You can just see in this photograph that there is blood on his face, presumably from an argument with a door frame or his manager. Whatever it was, he was very angry.

For some reason, he seemed to have issues with Rory Gallagher that night. I can’t imagine why, since Rory always came across as a true gentleman. I’m afraid John Martyn slipped a little in my ratings after this. Ah, the demon drink. Aside from that, he was still a great songwriter and innovative musician.

To complete this lineup of oddities we had Charlie Watts on drums, Ian Stewart on piano, Rick Wakeman on keyboards, and Dick Heckstall-Smith on saxophone.

I miss Rory Gallagher too.

29 January 2009