DateNews Article
22 May 2013John Martyn Gathering
2 July 2013Beverley Martyn Gigs!
4 July 2013The Island Years Box Set – Limited Edition
27 July 2013The Island Years Box Set – Tracklisting
20 August 2013Live At The Hanging Lamp (Vinyl)
25 August 2013BBC 6 Music
28 August 2013Tribute Evening
11 September 201365th Birthday
12 September 2013NME Exclusive
17 September 2013The Island Years Box Set Promo Video
27 September 2013Box Set Preview
16 January 2014Alan Thomson Gig
19 January 2014Guitar Tribute
23 January 2014The Kingston Folk Barge Sails Again
27 January 2014Johnnie Walker’s Long Players
29 January 2014The Phoenix And The Turtle
29 January 2014Five Years
20 February 2014Solid Aire
13 March 2014Beverley Martyn Plays Bush Hall, London
19 March 2014Record Store Day – May You Never Single
5 April 2014Well Kept Secret (Remastered And Expanded)
11 April 2014Luka Bloom – Head And Heart
15 May 201415th May 1971
2 June 2014Solid Air e-book
14 June 2014London Conversation Vinyl Reissue
28 June 2014Competition
11 September 201466th Birthday
11 October 2014The Best Of The Island Years
7 November 2014Nick Drake – Remembered For A While
18 December 2014Sapphire and Piece By Piece
29 January 2015Six Years Ago Today
16 February 2015Sandy Denny Biography
3 March 2015Tribute Evening
10 March 2015Record Store Day – Cocain / London Conversation
31 May 2015Promo Release for Late Night John
11 September 201567th Birthday
3 January 2016Promo Release For The Church With One Bell
29 January 2016Seven Years Ago Today
6 March 2016Solid Air Vinyl (Half-speed Master)
4 September 2016Will Young Cover
11 September 201668 Today
15 September 2016Volker
8 January 2017Budget Compilation
29 January 2017Eight Years
10 March 20172017 Vinyl Reissues
10 March 2017Acoustic Compilation
5 September 2017Volker Bredebusch
11 September 2017Happy Birthday John
29 January 2018Nine Years
11 September 201870th Birthday
29 January 2019Tenth Anniversary
11 September 201971st Birthday

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