Funeral Service

A funeral service to celebrate John’s life took place at St. Mary’s Church, Kells, County Kilkenny on 1st February 2009. The service was conducted by The Reverend JP Kavanagh and was attended by John’s family and close friends.

Pall Bearers were Arran Ahmun, Spencer Cozens, Alan Thomson, Foster Patterson, George MacCallum, Flavio Bellin, John Hillarby, Jimmy McKnight, Roy Corkill and Paul O’ Byrne. Martin Winnings played Body and Soul on saxophone as John was brought into the church.

Mary Moore sang the traditional song The Sally Gardens (an old favourite of John’s) accompanied on guitar by Alec Finn as life symbols were brought forward by family and friends in memory of John.

Flavio Bellin read from the Buddhist Sacred Text and Reverend JP Kavanagh from the Holy Gospel according to John.

Personal tributes were made by Spencer Cozens, Teresa Walsh, George MacCallum, Alan Thomson, John Hillarby, Billy Carroll, Reggie Hastings and Danny Thompson.

Alan Thomson, Arran Ahmun, Spencer Cozens, Foster Patterson and Martin Winnings read prayers. During the service music was played; My Creator, Over The Rainbow and Over The Hill.

As John was carried from the church (a church with one bell) May You Never was sung by all.

John Hillarby
2nd February 2009