Stand Amazed

I do stand amazed, sitting at my front door
How do you stand when you’re sitting
At your back door watching the world go by
Watching the traffic one by one
Reading the number plates just like a copper
It just keeps passing on by

Stand amazed, I stand amazed
Front back sideways I’m amazed

Just amazed, I stand amazed,
Every single day in the kitchen doing the washing up
I stand amazed, i just stand amazed
(standing, standing)

Siitting on my front porch holding my little torch just wondering why
Sometimes I feel so bad watching traffic I start to cry
Just like a little lame dog
Sitting on my back porch got no torch to carry just got a little old dog
Who don’t even know my name, he don’t even know my name

He don’t know my name, my very own dog don’t know my name

I got a little dog, call him, stand up
I stand amazed at the panapoly of beauty
I stand amazed at the cops who do their duty
Yes I do, watching the traffic one by one, got a big one, got a red one, got a fast one

Might sit down, no, throw me a cushion, might sit down, show me a chair, I might sit down

Watching every day, on my front porch,
Have to move to the back, get no rest and the dog don’t know me name
All come down and watching all get up watching it all go down
One car, a dog that doesn’t know my name, tried to tell him, still don’t know my name
So i just stand amazed
Why does my dog not know my name, I stand amazed
Why does that person never come home, I stand amazed
The dog that doesn’t know my name, there he is, dancing, doesn’t know my name
At the front porch again, standing amazed
Watching the world go by
There’s a copper
Looks like people on the streets I know, there’s a copper
Stand amazed, stand amazed, the dog don’t know my name.