In Search Of Anna

She came to me so young and free, and put her arms around me
She said that she would always stay, with me until my dying day
We grew up in a dirty town, where they like to kick you when you’re down
If you show an easy side, they twist the knife and open you wide.

Oh Anna, Oh Anna.

Remember how you cried when I bought a gun. I’ve never been one to turn and run
Everybody’s got to have a dream to help them make it down the stream
If they cannot chain or buy you… you know they’ll try to crucify you
Now I’m out here on the road, Thinking about my way back home.

Oh Anna, Oh Anna.

We had a dream that didn’t last, like a fly in amber I’m trapped in the past
Stay on your feet in this human race, you think about a lover or a special place
Lost you somewhere down the road now I hear you singing when I’m all alone
You’re the only one, makes me feel this way… keep on searching for you every day.

Oh, Anna, Oh Anna,
Oh, Anna, Oh Anna.