Bad Company

No words accompany to be me here you
The words accompany don’t call him back
Was the word accompany that brought me here
Me and my heart, we’re guilty
We’re just bad company, me and my heart (spare me some change)

Bad company, bad company, brought me here
Bad company that’s me and my heart, stand here
Standing here for you

Me and my heart
Out there and talking to you

Was bad company that brought me here
I know that me and my heart, oh me and my heart, don’t do it to me now

Don’t break the chain
Let me take all the strain
Let me try once again
Just me and my heart, bad company

Bad company we are, me and my heart falling star
We’re bad company just me and my heart bad bad company

Want something to take you away
want something to make your day
Come by here any time you feel like eating
Me and my heart, still beating

Bad company, me and my heart
Bad company, bad company me and my heart
we’re still
The door over there
Sitting still

Bad company brought me here
I know bad company
Was bad company that brought me here, I know
Oh me and my heart
Don’t do it to me now.