I Don’t Want to Know

Tuning: DADGCD (6 ->1)

If you play the bass line on 5th and 6th strings, then most of the other strings will sound in tune when open anyway, so you could play a passable accompaniment without much more effort. If you’re a little bit more ambitious then:

1. Start by barring at 5th fret, except 6th string, play the intro bit on the 5t and 4th strings.

2. at ‘Evil’ play 6th string at 8th, 4th string at 5th fret, 3rd string open, an occasionally 2nd & 1st strings open.

3. At ‘Only want..’ play 6th string at 7th fret, 4th string at 5th fret, 3rd str g open and 2nd & 1st strings at 7th as required.

4. At ‘love’, 6th open, 5th at 5th, 4th & 3rd strings at 7th fret.

There’s a little bit more to it than just these, but that seems to be most of it.

Transcribed by Willie Milne.