Couldn’t Love You More

Tuning: CFCCGD

This song is basically two chords;

(1) 1st finger 2nd fret 2nd string, play 2nd/3rd/4th/5th

(2) 3rd finger 4th fret 6th string, play 2nd/3rd/4th/6th, and pick 1st string open just after and the ‘duh-duh’ bit in between the chords is a slide from 5th to 4th fret on 6th string (I fret the 5th string as well, sliding 4th to 2nd fret simultaneously, but not picking it, just letting it vibrate sympathetically). The right hand technique is a simultaneous pick on all strings, not a strum, and you kind of tap them on the off-beat to maintain the rhythm.

PR: Just a couple of things I noticed from a video: at the start of the line (your “duh-duh”) he also slides with the first finger on the first string from the 3rd to 2nd fret. And at the end of the verse “I could-” I think he plays 4th finger 5th fret 2nd string; 3rd finger 5th fret 4th string; and 1st finger 4th fret 5th string followed by 4th finger 4th fret 2nd string; and 1st finger 2nd fret 5th string. The other thing is that the way he plays stuff can change anyway- these days when he plays CLYM, on the “first” chord he frets the 1st string too, at the d fret…

Transcribed by Ian Barnett with comments from Paul Reid.