Shaw Theatre, London

Shaw Theatre, London, 14 October 1973

JOHN MARTYN has more musical riches than most of the people from the Top 10 put together. Unlike most artists lied down to familiar hit and asked for numbers Martyn marches ever onwards with music now far removed from his early folk-tinged days.

Jazz is perhaps the nearest form to his current explorations but such a wide term doesn’t do real justice to his individualistic work. The music soars often like uncontrolled wind, yet marvellously kept in check, the rhythms frequently change, tempos are inter¬mixed.

Most of his concert bore close relationship with his latest brilliant album, Inside Out. We heard Eibhi Ghail Chium Ni Chearbhaill, So Much In Love and Fine Lines, to name three and for difference there was his incredibly good, Singin’ In The Rain. Danny Thompson blends marvelously with Martyn on bass. Their understanding is itself worth a ticket.

Tony Jasper
Melody Maker
27 October 1973

Shaw Theatre, London
14 October 1973