Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

OK just got back from the gig. John did 2 sets again and I was surprised that there was also a support act. The Set List-

1st Set – Glorious Fool, Man In The Station, Carmine, New Song (He introduced as the lyric being Unfinished), Lookin On.
2nd Set- She’s A Love/Solid Air, Easy Blues, May You Never, I Don’t Wanna Know/My Creator, Suzanne, Bless The Weather, Make No Mistake, Big Muff, Rock, Salt and Nails, Never Let Me Go and Johnny Too Bad.

I was unsure about tonight, having recently split from a very long term relationship I ventured to the concert with some trepidation. The first set was very tentative, not quite sure why the set is split like this, sound balance not that good.  Perhaps the split is for health reason certainly not for musical reasons. The second set was much better, the acoustic passage from Easy Blues to Make No Mistake was excellent. John seemed to enjoy the acoustic guitar more than the electric in the first set.  He built the set from Big Muff through to the end perfectly and I think would have played more if the audience had not stopped clapping and got ready to go home, they had been muted all night.  I have not heard John do Johnny To Bad for a number of years and it was great to hear again, but the venue was too big and only half to three quarter full.  Johnny Too Bad seemed to lose some of it energy in such a venue.

Kevin Bell