Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

I must confess to being a dedicated fan and I have seen John in many different venues over the years. In Glasgow alone, thinking back, I have seen John in the Pavilion, the old City Chambers, the Renfrew Ferry, the Skein Dubh Hotel, the SECC and possibly Strathclyde Student Union! This was the second time that I have seen John perform in the Concert Hall and, I think, at last he has photo:Tim Dickeson found a venue that really does justice to the sound of both Johns voice and the band. I suppose its a bit disappointing that the auditorium was not full, but considering there was virtually no local promotion of the event (although I would give the Sunday Herald a pat on the back for the spread in the arts supplement) I was impressed at the overall attendance.

John came on stage to a rapturous welcome and quickly settled into the concert. Starting off with a good old poke at world politics through an extended Glorious Fool, John moved on to a broad selection from accoss the mid part of his catalogue. Making a comparison against Johns previous gig in the concert hall last year, the replacement of John Giblin who predominantly played an acoustic bass with Alan Thompsons electric bass gave the band a much rockier edge. Generally most songs had an up tempo edge. In between the tracks the banter was good and John seemed to be enjoying the gig as much as we were. Although I was a bit pissed off with the two drunks in front of me who tried to out sing John when he took his acoustic guitar through May You Never, to our relief they eventually gave up and left…”shallom baby”. Towards the end of the show, john was looking a  bit tired and the banter slowed down a bit. (No wonder after the energy that went into the spine tingling performance of John Wayne!). The show ended with a silky performance of Never Let Me Go….not a dry eye in the house. I think the talking point from the conference was the stunning likeness of Arran to “Minty” from Eastenders……and thus John became Grant Mitchell, Alan…in that suit.. a possible Dirty Den, as for Spencer……Happy days…come back soon.

Graeme Walker