Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

In 1983 or there abouts, as John Martyn walked onto the stage at the Hackney Empire smoking an enormous spliff, a rather scruffy bloke walked down the aisle from the bar and handed John a pint. On Wednesday night, as John walked back onto the stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall for an encore, aided by a preposterously large walking stick, an elegantly dressed and beautiful lady climbed up onto the stage, hugged John and gave him a bouquet of flowers. You’ve come a long way, John. I have no idea who that lady was but she spoke for us all at the end of a magical evening of music, begun beautifully by Eva Abrahams and continued with trademark wit, humour and awesome guitar playing by John, rising to the occasion with liberal use of the F word. Hopefully they could hear this in the Purcell Room next door.

I have seen him play many times but this was one of the best. Great songs old and new delivered with power, confidence and brilliant playing from John and a great band. Fabulous. Welcome back, John.

Simon Murray