Les Cousins, London

John Martyn has developed one of the most incredible sounds I have ever heard from an electronically-aided instrument. Whenever something Fresh and exciting occurs it is customary to absorb it into the existing structure of comparisons. But much as I would like to, I can find nothing readily available with which to compare his guitar. Saturday gave a crowded Les Cousins an opportunity to hear something of this. Produced by subtle use of the wah-wah pedal and volume balance controls, the music leaves one with few of the familiar foundations with which we come to terms with organised sound. Al Stewart arrived to provide John with a rhythm section. The combination was remarkable for a spontaneous jam. It was apt to distort space and time.

If that appears exaggerated; then the sceptical should make his own judgement, I felt disappointed to some extent when ” Road To Ruin” omitted this particular style. It can only be hoped that John makes an album on these lines within an exceedingly short time.

Andrew Means
Melody Maker
20 February 1971

Les Cousins
13 February 1971