Anthology (2004)

This 2 CD Anthology was released by Eagle Rock on 27th September 2004. Incredibly it is yet another rehash of Permanent Records, Artul Records and Voiceprint released material. Absolute zero in terms of new material, content and artwork. One to avoid! The CD booklet has a handful of interview quotes and no track information whatsoever! Re-released again in a slightly revised cover on 26th February 2007 on the Primo label but this time with sleeve notes.


1. Bless the Weather
2. Solid Air
3. May You Never
4. Outside In
5. One World
6. Sunday’s Child
7. Make No Mistake
8. I’d Rather Be the Devil
9. So Much in Love
10. Serendipity
11. Send Me A Line
12. Yes We Can
13. Carmine


1. Big Muff
2. Dealer
3. Smiling Strangers
4. Couldn’t Love You More
5. One Day Without You
6. Cooltide
7. Sweet Little Mystery
8. Hole in the Rain
9. Angeline
10. The River
11. The Apprentice
12. The Moment
13. Jack the Lad
14. I Don’t Wanna Know

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No Little Boy (Remastered) (2008)

No Little Boy was remastered and released by Voiceprint Records on 3rd March 2008.The tracklisting remained the same as the original album that was released on 23rd July 1993 but with enhanced artwork and sleeve notes.

John was unhappy that Couldn’t Love You More had been released. John was in fine voice throughout and Levon Helm, Phil Collins and Andy Sheppard all featured. Some songs were slightly remixed to bring more character to the songs but most songs were completely overhauled. Some of the tracks were deleted and four songs were entirely re- recorded, I Don’t Wanna Know, Sunday’s Child and Bless The Weather featuring John Giblin on bass, and a excellent new version of Just Now featuring Levon Helm on harmony vocals. The end result was a vastly superior album, much more in balance and John was happy.

It was a lot to expect from his fans to buy an album with such a similar content but many did and most prefer John’s reworking of Couldn’t Love You More to the original. However, there was no doubt that John’s credibility had been harmed by the release of two very similar albums. Was John correct to rework the material ? What were Permanent thinking of to release an album without John’s approval ? This was the end of the road for John and Permanent.

No Little Boy (Remastered)“The music is beautiful and Martyn is in fine voice throughout…” Q Review

  1. Solid Air
  2. Ways To Cry
  3. Could’ve Been Me
  4. I Don’t Wanna Know
  5. Just Now
  6. One Day Without You
  7. Sweet Little Mystery
  8. Pascanel (Get Back Home)
  9. Sunday’s Child
  10. Head And Heart
  11. Fine Lines
  12. Bless The Weather
  13. Man In The Station
  14. One World
  15. Rock, Salt And Nails
  16. Hole In The Rain
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Live (Shaw Theatre, London, 31st March 1990) (Remastered) (2008)

Released 4th February 2008 by Voiceprint Records a remastered recording of Live (Shaw Theatre, London, 31st March 1990). Improved artwork and sleeve notes but no additional songs.

The concert was recorded during The Apprentice tour at the Shaw Theatre, London. To support the release of The Apprentice John toured for three months in the UK and Europe, including eleven dates at London’s Shaw Theatre which featured guest artists and reunited John with his right hand man, Danny Thompson. Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour also guested and the show at which he appeared was filmed and released on Video in August 1990.

David Gilmour features on the album but unfortunately Danny Thompson didn’t play. John and David Gilmour were interviewed on television and Gilmour said he had admired John’s music for a long time and even knew one or two songs ! The pair had only rehearsed for a couple of hours before going on stage and Gilmour jokingly said that John would glare at him when he got it wrong ! Another spontaneous recording. In November 1999 re-released as Dirty, Down and Live on the Griffin label.



  1. Easy Blues
  2. May You Never
  3. Dealer
  4. Outside In
  5. Never Let Me Go
  6. Sapphire
  7. Couldn’t Love You More
  8. Deny This Love
  9. Fisherman’s Dream
  10. Big Muff
  11. Angeline
  12. Sweet Little Mystery


  1. The River
  2. Income Town
  3. The Apprentice
  4. John Wayne
  5. Look At The Girl
  6. Looking On
  7. Johnny Too Bad
  8. One World
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Couldn’t Love You More (Remastered And Expanded) (2007)

A remastered version of the album with new artwork was released by Voiceprint on 2nd April 2007. Two bonus songs are included, bot having been taken from Live At Bristol 1991.

  1. Couldn't Love You More Remastered Lonely Love
  2. Couldn’t Love You More
  3. Sweet Little Mystery
  4. Head And Heart
  5. Could’ve Been Me
  6. One Day Without You
  7. Over The Hill
  8. Fine Lines
  9. May You Never
  10. One World
  11. Ways To Cry
  12. Angeline
  13. Man In The Station
  14. Solid Air
  15. Never Let Me Go
  16. Couldn’t Love You More (from the Live at Bristol 1991 CD)
  17. Never Let Me Go (from the Live at Bristol 1991 CD)
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Cooltide (Remastered And Expanded) (2007)

Released by Voiceprint on 27th August 2007 on the One World Label with four bonus songs. A remix of Jack The Lad and Jack Sez from the Jack The Lad CD single and two live songs from The Cooltide Tour in 1991. Improved artwork with sleevenotes, the cover remains the same.


  1. Hole in The RainCooltide
  2. Annie Says
  3. Jack The Lad
  4. Number Nine
  5. The Cure
  6. Same Difference
  7. Father Time
  8. Call Me
  9. Cooltide
  10. Bonus Songs: Jack The Lad (remix)
  11. Jack Sez
  12. Jack The Lad (live 1991)
  13. Hole in the Rain (live 1991)
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The Apprentice (Remastered And Expanded) (2007)

Released by Voiceprint on the One World Label on 23rd July 2007 with four live bonus songs from The Apprentice Tour in 1990 and the CD single remix of Deny This Love. Improved artwork and sleevenotes with the same front cover.

  1. The Apprentice Live on Love
  2. The River
  3. Look At The Girl
  4. Income Town
  5. Send Me One Line
  6. Deny This Love
  7. Hold Me
  8. Upo
  9. The Apprentice
  10. The Moment
  11. Patterns In The Rain
  12. Bonus Tracks: Deny This Love (remix)
  13. The Apprentice (live)
  14. The River (live)
  15. Send Me One Line (live)
  16. Look at the Girl (live)
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