Ian Munday

Ian Munday was born in Melbourne, Australia and educated in Tasmania.

His work has been represented in exhibitions both in Tasmania and mainland Australia, many of which have toured nationally. In 1998 he was selected for the Canberra National Sculpture Forum and in 2005 and 2009 was a finalist in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize. He was also selected in 2009 for The Blake Prize Director’s Cut exhibition.  In 2011 he exhibited in Seeing Double at Universiti Pendidkan Sultan Idris in Malaysia and in The Deakin University Small Sculpture Award in Melbourne. His work is also represented in public collections in Australia and Europe. He currently works as technician in the Sculpture Studio of the Tasmanian School of Art at the University of Tasmania. Ian’s professional qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Fine Art T.S.I.T. Launceston and a Diploma of Fine Art T.C.A.E. Launceston.

Selected Solo Exhibitions include;
2010        Solid Air (Remembering John Martyn) Red Wall Gallery Hobart
2007        The spaces in between Colville Gallery Hobart
2006        New Work Colville Gallery Hobart
1996        Beatitude Nisart Gallery Launceston
1995        Ten years in the wilderness Sidewalk Gallery Hobart

His most recent one person show Solid Air (Remembering John Martyn) was held at the Red Wall Gallery in Hobart in 2010. His exploratory and intuitive works are developed using found materials: shapes cut from thin plywood composed and layered onto canvas panels before various surfaces are applied, ranging from bronze and iron based finishes to acrylic paint and gold leaf. The resulting works are offered as a tribute to John Martyn but may baffle some viewers. However, Ian Munday hopes that they will trigger a desire in others to learn more about the unique talent that was John Martyn.

The pieces are beautiful but with a raw energy that is always controlled; they are timeless with their bronze and iron based finishes, yet fresh and experimental too. Each one is carefully composed containing clever allusions to particular songs or lyrics that have been consciously or unconsciously incorporated; they are specific, yet open to multiple interpretation. Like John Martyn, Ian Munday is progressive in his approach to his art, always exploring, always experimenting, and always looking to do something different that hasn’t been done before.

Since the Solid Air; Remembering John Martyn exhibition, Munday has completed an additional piece commissioned by John Hillarby and inspired by the title track to Martyn’s final studio album Heaven and Earth.

With thanks to Professor Ralph Crane.