So Far So Good

This is a beginner’s guide to John Martyn’s unique brand of music – and it’s near perfect. All his best loved songs from Bless The Weather, Solid Air and Sunday’s Child are here.

Side One is elementary with his most beautiful songs such as Head And Heart, Spencer The Rover and of course, May You Never, definitely one of the songs I’d take if I was expecting to be stranded on a desert island. Side Two is more difficult… it features his instrumental side. It kicks off with Glistening Glyndebourne, an atmospheric masterpiece on piano and guitar, goes into Solid Air, with its repetitive, echoing guitars, eases off for a bit with One Day Without You and then finishes up with a cracking live version of I’d Rather Be The Devil.

Advanced students can pass this one up, but new pupils should start right here.

Sheila Prophet
Record Mirror
12 March 1977