John Martyn: And. What Can Be Done With The Right Kit.

PHIL Collins’s presence on John Martyn’s albums hasn’t always been a good omen. Grace and Danger being one obvious exception, writes ROB ADAMS.

This is another and may well be Martyn’s most consisĀ­tent album since that classic. Undoubtedly a product of the nineties (although you could argue that Martyn’s 1970s experiments secĀ­ond guessed many of the current -in sounds), the proliferating relaxed moody songs find him singing at his most lazily tender against a backdrop of spacey synths, coiling saxophone and hip-hop rhythms, while Step It Up’s kicking riff propels him and Collins towards the dancefloor in an irresistible piece of updated Winwood-style blue-eyed soul.

Rob Adams
The Herald
3 August 1996