But it does the same job in taking the , listener to new and far-from-normal musical places.

That’s true to a lesser extent of John Martyn, and not something you’d expect from a eran singer-songwriter of 24 albums whom you might forgive for drawing his creative pensionby now. Instead he has moved record company to join to Go! Discs — home of Portishead. Gabrielle and Paul Weller — and produced an album that lives up to that label’s trendsetting Nineties image.

If Martyn’s work has passed you by until now — I’m guilty too — imagine a deeper Dylan, steeped in the blues, perhaps a hint of Peter Gabriel, and the vibe of a Moondancing Van Morrison. That voice moves here with ease from a low growl to high sweet and soulful, set against seamless, fluid music and subtly underpinned by con-temporary hip-hop style beats. Martyn manages to stay just the right, or rather left, side of middle of the road to provide this week’s third cool summer soundtrack.

James Bennett
The Telegraph
27 July 1996