A History of This Website

The first ever site dedicated to John was published in 1997 by Kees van der Lely, The John Martyn Connection, and the url appeared in the booklet to The Church With One Bell.

About the same time Lee Barry published a small website on Geocities plagued by adverts and pop ups but with up to date information. In early 1999 Kees pulled the plug on The John Martyn Connection partly because of time constraints and because of frustration at the poor trickle of information about John’s activities from his record company. Lee Barry’s site soon disappeared from the www aswell.

However all was not lost as early in 1999 Hans van den Berk launched Big Muff – Home of The John Martyn Appreciation Society. An excellent site packed full of facts that still graces the www today johnmartyn.nl.

The John Martyn Website (or Big John’s Homepage as it was known then) was published by John Hillarby and first graced (with hindsight I use the term loosely!) the www on 5th July 1999. It was a rainy afternoon as I recall! My motivation for publishing the site was not to repeat what was published on Big Muff but to attempt to make a website that reflected the passion and feeling in John’s music. John’s music means everything to so many and I wanted to reflect that passion and the enjoyment that we all get from it, and at the same time give something back to John for providing us with the soundtrack to our lives.

Andy Stephen and Willie Milne launched a guitar site in November 1999 and Pete Grant’s Patterns in the Rain was published in June 2001, followed by Dave Maddern with Mad Dog Dave’s a continuation and of a live or bootleg recordings list originally started by Pete Grant, however all three site are no longer available. In Spring 2000 Independiente Records launched a website to promote John’s album Glasgow Walker. It promised much but fell into a state of disrepair within a year of the album launch and then disappeared for good.

John is now well represented on the www courtesy of Big Muff and JohnMartyn.Com both sites have stood the test of time and popularity, thanks to you the fans who visit them.

Here are a few index pages tracking the history of JohnMartyn.Com over the years, I’m sure that many of you will remember them! Fondly I hope!

August 1999

September 1999

In May 2000 a new url JohnMartyn.net

April 2001ge.

August 2001

The url JohnMartyn.com was added.

Another new look launched in October 2006

By now JohnMartyn.Com was the most popular website with around 1,200 visits each day! Highest number of visits on one day – 49,540!

For the period 1st December to 28th February 2009, total visits  – 193,276!

The site continued to publish all the latest information on John, provided by John himself, promoters, record companies and of course you!

May 2013

Inspired by the wooden clad house that John and Beverley shared in Sussex in the early 1970s, the new look website was launched on 23rd May 2013, the one that you see today. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the website and to everyone who visits and participates!

May 2013