Tribute Album – Johnny Boy Would Love This (2011)

Released on the 15th August 2011 this tribute album to John features some top name artists! The double Johnny Boy Would Love This CD is accompanied by a DVD. Whilst the artwork is dark and depressing in appearance fortunately the music could not be more different with some fantastic renditions of John songs. The DVD includes some interesting clips of interviews with contributing artists, a music video of a superb Cheryl Wilson performance of You Can Discover and some footage of John playing two songs. Unfortunately the majority of the DVD consists of the production team talking about John and the project which is a missed opportunity to add more interesting and entertaining footage. Still it is all about the music and that makes this release a worthwhile addition to your collection!

Some tremendous interpretations of many of John’s classic songs including Back To Stay recorded by Ultan Conlon, Small Hours by Robert Smith, You Can Discover by Cheryl Wilson and many many more! Paolo Nutini recorded One World, Bombay Bicycle Club Fairy Tale Lullaby and Beck Stormbringer. Skye Edwards (Morcheeba), Snow Patrol, Ted Barnes and Gavin Clark, Judie Tzuke… the list makes for fine reading and the songs are superb listening!! The full song list and artists is-

CD1Would Johnny Boy Love This CD??

  1. Let The Good Things Come (David Gray)
  2. Glorious Fool (Clarence Fountain and Sam Butler)
  3. Small Hours (Robert Smith)
  4. Stormbringer! (Beck)
  5. Over The Hill (Ted Barnes featuring Gavin Clark)
  6. I Don’t Want To Know (The Swell Season)
  7. Bless The Weather (The Emperors Of Wyoming)
  8. Couldn’t Love You More (Lisa Hannigan)
  9. Go Easy (Vetiver)
  10. Solid Air (Skye Edwards)
  11. You Can Discover (Cheryl Wilson)
  12. The Easy Blues (Jelly RollBaker) ( Joe Bonamassa)
  13. Dancing (Sonia Dada)
  14. Certain Surprise (Sabrina Dinan)
  15. One World (Paolo Nutini)


  1. May You Never (Snow Patrol)
  2. Go Down Easy (Beth Orton)
  3. Fairy Tale Lullaby (Bombay Bicycle Club)
  4. Fine Lines (Syd Kitchen)
  5. Head And Heart (Vashti Bunyan)
  6. Run Honey Run (Morcheeba)
  7. Angeline (Nicholas Barron)
  8. Walk To The Water (John Smith)
  9. Hurt In Your Heart (Judy Tzuke)
  10. Road To Ruin (Jim Tullio)
  11. John Wayne (Oh My God)
  12. Rope Soul’d (The Blackships)
  13. Back To Stay (Ultan Conlon)
  14. Anna (Brendan Campbell)
  15. Tearing And Breaking (Phil Collins)