Sapphire (Remastered) (2015)

Sapphire remastered was released by Universal Music on 26th January 2015.

The press release stated;

“Single disc, two-disc, double lp and digital equivalent releases which marked John Martyn’s return to Island Records in the mid-1980’s.

Universal Music Catalogue is pleased to announce the multi-formatted releases of Sapphire and Piece By Piece on January 26th 2015, two of John Martyn’s most overlooked albums and a return to the label he was most famously associated with following two album for WEA.

Both Sapphire, originally released in 1984, and Piece By Piece, 1986 are long deleted and ripe for reappraisal. Each album has been remastered and expanded, including some recently unearthed material, with a second disc as part of Island’s RePresents series alongside limited edition double vinyl editions.

Sapphire features alternate mixes by co-producer Andy Lyden, and five previously unreleased studio takes. Among these, the ‘Straight Choir’ version of ‘Fisherman’s Dream’, one of Martyn’s most popular songs, was omitted from the original album in favour of a gospel choir version. There are also three previously unreleased live performances recorded in Hamburg in 1986.

Piece by Piece includes seven alternate mixes, and seven previously unreleased live performances also recorded in Hamburg in 1986. Bob Dylan’s ‘Tight Connection To My Heart’ features among the new live recordings; it was a song Martyn rarely played on stage. ‘Angeline’ became the world’s first ever CD single when it was taken from the album and released at the beginning of February that year, just ahead of a 20 date tour which marked John Martyn’s 20th anniversary since his first professional shows.

Both albums feature enhanced packaging containing lyrics, a new essay plus rare and previously unseen photographs.”

The album was originally released in November 1984. Further details here.

This remastered version includes new artwork, photographs and sleeve notes. Sound quality is first class.

  1. Sapphire (J. Martyn)Sapphire
  2. Over The Rainbow (H. Arlen, C. Harburg)
  3. You Know (J. Martyn)
  4. Watching Her Eyes (J. Martyn)
  5. Fisherman’s Dream (J. Martyn)
  6. Acid Rain (J. Martyn, A. Thomson)
  7. Mad Dog Days (J. Martyn, A. Thomson)
  8. Climb The Walls (J. Martyn)
  9. Coming On Time (J. Martyn)
  10. Rope-Soul’d (J. Martyn, A. Thomson, B. Reynolds)