Heaven And Earth (2011)

“Most of this record was recorded in every room of the house on Woolengrange. It was done while everyday life was going on… looking at birds, gizmo barking, peat and logs on the fire, tin cans, tea pots and candles, boiling kettles, simmering recipes, Robbie Burns prose, warm port and herbal aromas all huddled around with Buddah looking on.”

Released on 16th May 2011. John’s eagerly awaited final studio album was written by John and recorded over an 8 year period by John’s friend, Producer and Sound Engineer Gary Pollitt. John made his wishes clear on the artistic direction of the album. The finishing touches were made in accordance with John’s wishes over the last two years and the album was mixed over a few weeks in Chicago. Additional production by Spencer Cozens, Stefon Taylor and Jim Tullio. The album tells the story of the most recent years of John’s life.

John’s loyal and longstanding band are tremendous musicians and this shines through all the songs. Some further recording was carried out with Spencer Cozens on piano and Martin Winnings on saxophone. Striving for perfection Alan Thomson and Arran Ahmun decided to record further takes of their bass and drums tracks as they wanted to tighten up what they had previously done – there’s dedication for you! The Band’s Levon Helm, Jim Weider and Garth Hudson all contributed and as long time friends and admirers of John felt honoured to help.

Thanks to everyone who made the completion of John’s album possible, the musicians and friends… you know who you are!

It’s a bittersweet and emotional experience listening to John’s final studio album. We hope that you love it as much as we do! Let’s keep celebrating John’s life and his incredible unrivalled musical legacy!

Heaven And Earth

1. Heel of the Hunt
2. Stand Amazed
3. Heaven and Earth
4. Bad Company
5. Could’ve told you before I met you
6. Gambler
7. Can’t turn back the years
8. Colour
9. Willing to work