The Apprentice (Remastered And Expanded) (2007)

Released by Voiceprint on the One World Label on 23rd July 2007 with four live bonus songs from The Apprentice Tour in 1990 and the CD single remix of Deny This Love. Improved artwork and sleevenotes with the same front cover.

  1. The Apprentice Live on Love
  2. The River
  3. Look At The Girl
  4. Income Town
  5. Send Me One Line
  6. Deny This Love
  7. Hold Me
  8. Upo
  9. The Apprentice
  10. The Moment
  11. Patterns In The Rain
  12. Bonus Tracks: Deny This Love (remix)
  13. The Apprentice (live)
  14. The River (live)
  15. Send Me One Line (live)
  16. Look at the Girl (live)