One World Sampler (2006)

Sampler CD with songs from all the One World Label CDs up to Live In Nottingham. Released by Voiceprint on 6th NOvember 2006. The last song Amsterdam is previously unreleased and was taken from a concert at The Apollo Theatre, Oxford on 10th October 1982, one of the concerts used for the Philentropy release in 1983.

One World Sampler

  1. Solid Air
  2. One For The Road
  3. Seven Black Roses
  4. Outside In
  5. Could’ve Been Me
  6. Hung Up
  7. Angeline
  8. May You Never
  9. Dealer
  10. Cooltide
  11. Big Muff
  12. Suzanne
  13. Step It Up
  14. Amsterdam (previuosly unreleased live version)