The Best Of Live ’91 (2000)

Released on 31st July 2000 by Eagle Records. The Best Of Live ’91 is a compilation of songs from live albums. Live At Leeds, Live and Live At Bristol. The album also has a live version of Over The Rainbow which was originally released by Voiceprint as a Fan Club only CD.


  1. Live '91 Easy Blues (Morton)
  2. May You Never (J. Martyn)
  3. The Dealer (J. Martyn)
  4. Outside In (J. Martyn)
  5. Deny This Love (J. Martyn)
  6. Fisherman’s Dream (J. Martyn)
  7. Big Muff (J. Martyn)
  8. Angeline (J. Martyn)
  9. Sweet Little Mystery (J. Martyn)
  10. The River (J. Martyn)
  11. The Apprentice (J. Martyn)


  1. John Wayne (J. Martyn)
  2. Look At The Girl (J. Martyn)
  3. Lookin’ On (J. Martyn)
  4. One World (J. Martyn)
  5. Cooltide (J. Martyn)
  6. Never Let Me Go (J. Martyn)
  7. Over The Rainbow (J. Martyn)
  8. Make No Mistake (J. Martyn)
  9. Bless The Weather (J. Martyn)
  10. Man In The Station (J. Martyn)