Inside Out (Remastered And Expanded) (2005)

Released in October 1973. John described Inside Out as “everything I ever wanted to do in music… it’s my inside coming out.” The album was experimental, a skillfully free-form jazz orientated album featuring superb guitar work by John and superbly varied bass playing from Danny Thompson. Other musicians included Traffic’s Steve Winwood and Chris Wood, Bobby Keyes and Remi Kabaka. The intensive recording sessions were largely late at night with no cutting, editing or splicing. It was “live” and tracks were faded out where necessary. The album won John a Golden Disc from Montreaux. Considered by critics as a “cosmic foray.” At the time John explained that Inside Out was all about the concept of love…

“It felt natural”, said John at the beginning of the track Fine Lines.

“I think I’ll always use Danny Thompson because he’s got real feel for my music and I’ve got real feel for his.”

“A celebration of love – his playing has reached an uplifting intensity, the equal of anything on offer at present…I unreservedly recommend it !” (Melody Maker 13/10/73)

Released by Universal Music on 7th November 2005 with five bonus songs performed in 1973 for the BBC. Revised and improved artwork with sleevenotes, the front cover is as the orignal release.

Inside Out Remastered and Expanded CD Cover


  1. Fine Lines
  2. Eibi Gheal Chiuin Ni Chearbhaill
  3. Ain’t No Saint
  4. Outside In
  5. Glory Of Love
  6. Look In
  7. Beverley
  8. Make No Mistake
  9. Ways To Cry
  10. So Much In Love With You
  11. Beverley/Make No Mistake (BBC Radio One, Sounds of the Seventies, October 1973)
  12. Fine Lines (BBC Radio One, Sounds of the Seventies, October 1973)
  13. Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhail (BBC Radio One, Sounds of the Seventies, October 1973)
  14. Outside In (BBC Radio One, Sounds of the Seventies, May 1973)