Couldn’t Love You More (Remastered And Expanded) (2007)

A remastered version of the album with new artwork was released by Voiceprint on 2nd April 2007. Two bonus songs are included, bot having been taken from Live At Bristol 1991.

  1. Couldn't Love You More Remastered Lonely Love
  2. Couldn’t Love You More
  3. Sweet Little Mystery
  4. Head And Heart
  5. Could’ve Been Me
  6. One Day Without You
  7. Over The Hill
  8. Fine Lines
  9. May You Never
  10. One World
  11. Ways To Cry
  12. Angeline
  13. Man In The Station
  14. Solid Air
  15. Never Let Me Go
  16. Couldn’t Love You More (from the Live at Bristol 1991 CD)
  17. Never Let Me Go (from the Live at Bristol 1991 CD)