Cooltide (Remastered And Expanded) (2007)

Released by Voiceprint on 27th August 2007 on the One World Label with four bonus songs. A remix of Jack The Lad and Jack Sez from the Jack The Lad CD single and two live songs from The Cooltide Tour in 1991. Improved artwork with sleevenotes, the cover remains the same.


  1. Hole in The RainCooltide
  2. Annie Says
  3. Jack The Lad
  4. Number Nine
  5. The Cure
  6. Same Difference
  7. Father Time
  8. Call Me
  9. Cooltide
  10. Bonus Songs: Jack The Lad (remix)
  11. Jack Sez
  12. Jack The Lad (live 1991)
  13. Hole in the Rain (live 1991)