Anthology (2004)

This 2 CD Anthology was released by Eagle Rock on 27th September 2004. Incredibly it is yet another rehash of Permanent Records, Artul Records and Voiceprint released material. Absolute zero in terms of new material, content and artwork. One to avoid! The CD booklet has a handful of interview quotes and no track information whatsoever! Re-released again in a slightly revised cover on 26th February 2007 on the Primo label but this time with sleeve notes.


1. Bless the Weather
2. Solid Air
3. May You Never
4. Outside In
5. One World
6. Sunday’s Child
7. Make No Mistake
8. I’d Rather Be the Devil
9. So Much in Love
10. Serendipity
11. Send Me A Line
12. Yes We Can
13. Carmine


1. Big Muff
2. Dealer
3. Smiling Strangers
4. Couldn’t Love You More
5. One Day Without You
6. Cooltide
7. Sweet Little Mystery
8. Hole in the Rain
9. Angeline
10. The River
11. The Apprentice
12. The Moment
13. Jack the Lad
14. I Don’t Wanna Know