And Live (2003)

Released 2003 by Voiceprint, And Live is an excellent release of a live concert recorded in Carlisle in 1996.  John is accompanied by Spencer Cozens on keyboards, Alan Thompson on bass guitar, Karl van den Bossche on drums and percussion, and the late Gerry Underwood on saxophone. There is some excellent guitar work by John and tremendous musicianship throughout. This release features a number of songs from the album And as well as the song Yes We Can. Some very nice artwork by Steve Lee of Zeit Artwork makes excellent use of some fantastic photos by Tim Dickeson. In my opinion this is a fantastic concert and a very good release of a well mastered sound desk recording. Some feedback is evident in the opening few songs but well worth getting hold of this release.


And LiveCD1

  1. Big Muff  (J. Martyn/ L. Perry)
  2. Couldn’t Love You More (J. Martyn)
  3. Step It Up  (J. Martyn)
  4. Carmine  (J. Martyn)
  5. Fisherman’s Dream (J. Martyn)
  6. She’s A Lover (J. Martyn)
  7. Solid Air (J.Martyn)
  8. Suzanne (J.Martyn)


  1. Sunshine’s Better (J. Martyn)
  2. Rock Salt and Nails  ( B.Phillips)
  3. Yes We Can  (L.Dorsey)
  4. Johnny Too Bad  (Bailey/Beckford/Crooks/Wilson additional J. Martyn)
  5. John Wayne (J. Martyn)
  6. Serendipity (J. Martyn)
  7. Lookin’ On  (J. Martyn)
  8. Angeline  (J.Martyn)
  9. One World (J.Martyn)
  10. Over The Rainbow   (Arlen/Harburg)