Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Anthology (1994)

Released on 6th June 1994. Sweet Little Mysteries: The Island Antholgoy is an excellent overview of John’s music with Island, which spans the greater part of his career. Noticeable by their absence are any songs from John’s first four albums – a little strange ! Surely there was room for Parcels, Cocain, Dusty etc – apparently not.

A well put together package and an excellent introduction to John’s music.

Sweet Little Mysteries Anthology

  1. Bless The Weather
  2. Head And Heart
  3. Glistening Glyndebourne
  4. Solid Air
  5. Over The Hill
  6. Don’t Want To Know
  7. I’d Rather Be The Devil
  8. Fine Lines
  9. Eibhli Ghail Chiuin Ni Chearbhaill
  10. Make No Mistake
  11. Lay It All Down
  12. Root Love
  13. Sunday’s Child
  14. You Can Discover
  15. Call Me Crazy
  16. Couldn’t Love You More
  17. Certain Surprise
  18. Dancing
  19. Small Hours
  20. Dealer
  21. One World
  22. Some People Are Crazy
  23. Lookin’ On
  24. Johnny Too Bad
  25. Sweet Little Mystery
  26. Hurt In Your Heart
  27. Baby Please Come Home
  28. Sapphire
  29. Fisherman’s Dream
  30. Angeline
  31. Send Me One Line
  32. May You Never
  33. One Day Without You
  34. Spencer The Rover