Serendipity: An Introduction To John Martyn (1998)

Released in 1998. “Serendipity: An Introduction to John Martyn” – yet another compilation from Island, presumably trying to entice those people who didn’t buy the Anthology. Good value at around £10 and there are some excellent sleeve notes.


  1. Solid Air
  2. I’d Rather Be The Devil
  3. Bless the Weather
  4. Seven Black Roses
  5. Stormbringer
  6. May you Never
  7. Glistening Glyndebourne
  8. Look In
  9. Way to Cry
  10. One day Without You
  11. My Baby Girl
  12. Smiling Stranger
  13. Johnny Too Bad
  14. Coming in on Time
  15. Serendipity
  16. Sweet Little Mystery
  17. Small hours