Live At Bristol 1991 (1998)

Released on 30th October 1998. A limited edition ‘Official Bootleg’ Live At Bristol of 5,000 on the Voiceprint label, featuring the line-up of John (vocals/guitar), Alan Thomson (bass), John Henderson (drums), Andy Sheppard (saxophone) and Spencer Cozens (keyboards) performing nine tracks in concert. A good recording which includes an early experimental version of Cooltide, “this is a bit of a shifter…a groove thing to send you home feeling cool” John says by way of an introduction. Becoming hard to get hold of now although there are still one or two in the shops. Never Let Me Go was incorrectly titled as Let Me Love You Tonight. A good version of Couldn’t Love You More with an excellent guitar solo. John introduces the song with a tale about a family of pigeons!

  1. Big MuffLive At Bristol 1991
  2. Cooltide
  3. Couldn’t Love You More
  4. Deny This Love
  5. John Wayne
  6. Johnny Too Bad
  7. Never Let Me Go (incorrectly titled as Let Me Love You Tonight)
  8. Looking On
  9. Sweet Little Mystery