Couldn’t Love You More (1992)

Released 1st August 1992 Couldn’t Love You More consisted of re-recorded versions of classic tracks with guest appearances including Phil Collins, David Gilmour and Gerry Conway. Permanent asked for John’s permission to release this album whilst John and Jim Tullio were working on the No Little Boy album. Couldn’t Love You More is in fact the session tapes for No Little Boy. John refused permission, but Permanent released the album anyway! John and Jim Tullio were furious. The mixes were clean, sweet and sometimes dull and boring. There is no sign of the spontaneity that John still craves today. Saxophone is overpowering in places and the backing vocals make the album super smooth – not the John Martyn sound that fans know and love. The songs are ‘John Martyn’, but the ‘sound’ is not. The album that John wanted to release was No Little Boy which was released in 1993.

“This album could, quite safely, be considered The Best of John Martyn”, read Permanent Records press release. John disagreed as did most of his established fan base.

A small number of the LP version has an incorrect track listing. The record has ten tracks but the cover gives the same track listing as the CD ! This was the last album vinyl release on the Permanent label.

“Hopefully this will get a whole new audience to check out one of the most impressive back catalogues around; and for those who have most of that back catalogue, here’s an indispensable addition from a man who can do no wrong – trust him!” Review

Sweet Little Mystery was released as a 7 inch single and a CD single. Lonely Love was also released as a CD single.

Couldn't Love You More

  1. Lonely Love
  2. Couldn’t Love You More
  3. Sweet Little Mystery
  4. Head And Heart
  5. Could’ve Been Me
  6. One Day Without You
  7. Over The Hill
  8. Fine Lines
  9. May You Never
  10. One World
  11. Ways To Cry
  12. Angeline
  13. Man In The Station
  14. Solid Air
  15. Never Let Me Go