The Electric John Martyn (1982)

Released on 12th October 1982 and coinciding with the release of Well Kept Secret, Island released this compilation album The Electric John Martyn. The tracks included the US mixes of Dancing, Certain Surprise and Dealer (from the American version of One World) which were previously unreleased in the UK, the single version of Sweet Little Mystery and the 12 inch dub version of Johnny Too Bad.

The Electric John Martyn

  1. You Can Discover
  2. Dancing (U.S. mix)
  3. Certain Surprise (U.S. mix)
  4. Dealer (U.S. mix)
  5. Call Me Crazy
  6. Sweet Little Mystery (Single version)
  7. Root Love
  8. So Much In Love With You
  9. Johnny Too Bad (12″ remix)
  10. I’d Rather Be The Devil