Philentropy (1983)

Philentropy LP
John had recently remarried and released Philentropy in November 1983, without any announcement, whilst being out of contract.

“I had some tapes of a Brighton Dome gig and a Bristol gig and I just thought I’d make a live album
out of it.”

This live album was recorded in London, Brighton and Oxford between Autumn 1982 and Spring 1983. Originally released on John’s own label – Body Swerve, bearing the reference JMLP001, this was, and is considered by many to be the best live album. The recording is charged with atmosphere and excitement and features some of John’s most popular songs. John’s guitar playing is outstanding and his playing is matched by the members of the band, the line-up was Alan Thomson (bass), Jeffrey Allen (drums), Danny Cummings (percussion) and Ronnie Leahy (keyboards). A mid-price re-issue on Castle in 1986 (DOJO26) is now deleted and the original red Body Swerve issue hard to find.

“A faithful momento of Martyn at his live best – jazzy, sharply recorded, Philentropy stretches Martyn’s voice from poisonous howl to besotted slur – low key but ever so seductive.” – Melody Maker. Philentropy

  1. Make No Mistake
  2. Don’t Want To Know
  3. Root Love
  4. Lookin’ On
  5. Hung Up
  6. Johnny Too Bad
  7. Sunday’s Child
  8. Smiling Stranger